Theta Upsilon Gamma
(T.U.G.) is a chapter of Tri-Ess International, a non-profit voluntary support and social organization for cross-dressers and their families. We are each individually unique with respect to our: age, race, work, skills, experience, family, etc. We desire the following for those who are involved in our chapter:

  • Security and confidentiality for all
  • Opportunity for growth via Enjoyable Events.
  • Support for Spouses, Partners and Family.
  • Education of the public as to what we (Cross-Dressers) are and are not!
What We Are Not:

We are not a dating service or a sexual encounter group. We do not allow alcohol or illegal substances at T.U.G activities. Smoking is allowed in outside event areas only. Lists or information will not be released or sold.

Our Philosophy:

As a chapter of TRI-ESS/SPICE this group will abide by all the national guidelines and share all benefits.  We will respect others sexual and gender identity, and confidence.   Dressing styles will vary; HOWEVER, they must remain within respectable standards.  As a group, we will assist each other in obtaining:
    • Full Balance, Integration, and Expression
    • Multilevel  support
    • Educational opportunities
    • Caring  professionals/service
    • Expanded social circle

What To Expect From Us:

You can expect to meet a group of people who are like yourself. You will learn that you are not alone. You can expect to receive support and understanding in a nonjudgmental atmosphere. You can expect to receive assistance in shopping for clothing, cosmetics, wigs, and other items you may need along with help as to their use. We also do our best to keep you informed on pertinent subjects and upcoming events, both locally and nationally.

Our operation will be geared toward the approved by-laws, administered by the Board of Directors and Chair-People of our chapter.


Tri-Ess (The Society for the Second Self) is a private, non-profit educational, social support and outreach corporation. Tri-Ess was created in 1976 from the merging of the Full Personality Expression (F.P.E.) and Carol Beecroft's "Mamselle Sorority". Its roots go back to 1961 with the founding of the F.P.E. Tri-Ess understands that cross-dressing can subject a member's family life to severe strains. A major part of its mission is to prevent this type of domestic strife, and to help heal the wounds when they do occur. Tri-Ess considers the needs of the wives/partners and families to be as important as those of the cross dresser. Over the years, this emphasis has paid off. In 1978, a survey showed that about 1/3 of its members described their wife/partner as "cooperative" or "understanding" when it came to their cross dressing. By 1993, that number had increased by more than 50%!